Quote of the week

Let's go way back in time once again, to the 60s. Black and white TV, three channels, NOT around the clock. Saturdays and Sundays were special and one of our favorites was a British TV series.
We always sang along (the German version of course) and to this day I haven't forgotten the lyrics of the first verse.
I am talking about Robin Hood, the Robin of my childhood, with Richard Greene.

"Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen,
Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of men,
feared by the bad, loved by the good,
Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood."

Did you sing along, too?

P.S. I just ordered the DVD box .... it was so cheap, really, I just couldn't resist!
And yes, old-fashioned dinosaur that I am, I adore Errol Flynn as Robin Hood, but I think I knew this one before him, ok?

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  1. Yes, I loved Robin Hood, and sang along - as soon as I started to read this the tune and words came unbidden to my mind!