Got chocolate?

I have been bitten by the needle lace bug, no doubt. And even if you might think, this is getting boring, it's another shell I caught in my net.
The difference is this shell is made from polymer clay and it was not planned. In fact I was working on a clay idea. The first attempt turned out a little too big, so I went for a second one. Suddenly I was hit by a wave of impatience. I grabbed the clay in sight and mixed it all up, then just as suddenly I pressed it on the shell in front of me (now you know the other project incorporates a shell, but that's all I'm telling you in case it doesn't work out ;-)). Carefully I turned my clay to get the pattern on the right side and cut it to the right shape.
I don't know about you, but it definitely reminded me of those chocolate shells ... cravings welled up inside of me. The only chance to take my mind off chocolate was to start netting, so that is what I did. The pink freshwater pearls fit the colors of the shell perfectly.
This month's challenge of the Polymer Clay Smooshers is "Nature". I guess I got my first entry :-) It's listed in my ArtFire studio now.

Guiltfree chocolate necklace

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