One letter can make a difference

Hermy was excited. He had an invitation for a party and star parties are usually big fun. They had milk from the Milky Way, they talked a lot and danced and it got very late.
The next morning Hermy woke up with a headache from the noise and he still had puffy eyes from not sleeping enough.
What was it his friends and he had been talking about last night? Their future, right. That had been towards the end when all he had finally longed for was his bed.
And what did they want to be? Silent stars, spectacular stars, nope, that wasn't it ... shouting stars! They had even vowed to follow that path with all their little hearts.
So Hermy became a shouting star. Not all his neighbors were happy about it .... if they only had known and could have told him that the friends had vowed to become shooting stars!

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We had some great rain today. Am I in a silly mood? You can bet on it! ;-)


  1. How sweet is that. I adore all of your work, and your stories are brilliant.

  2. Thanks, you are so kind :-D