What do you want to be when (if? ;-)) you grow up

Today I had an appointment with the chimney sweep for the annual emission check. No, I am not talking about the cats' litter boxes. They are handled by the Biological Warfare Agent Commission.
As you know, Ponder loves visitors. He heard the door and down the stairs he ran to join in the fun. He was a little disappointed at first because he is desperately (once a year) in love with the pretty female chimney sweep, but the guy was nice, too. Patted him, told him how beautiful he is (as if he didn't know ...) and he was all dressed in black! While he started working, Ponder checked out his equipment.

Since that little brat invaded my home, I have been thinking about sending him to boarding school. For his own good, mind you. I just couldn't decide if it should be a school specializing in music - as he is such a wonderful singer - or sports - as he loves to run, jump, roll and sometimes almost fly.
But now it's settled. After opening everything that was fastened with velcro, using nose and paws, Ponder decided himself. He wants to be a chimney sweep when he grows up!!


  1. Ahhh, Ponder, it's always good to have dreams and goals! I'm sure you'll do just fine as a chimney sweep! (LOL)

  2. What a cutie!!! It's nice to have goals.

  3. What an interesting choice of career.

  4. Oh Ponder, Chimney sweep is such a dirty job and you are such a pretty kitty. I think you would enjoy being a spool hockey player so much better.

  5. Definitely the cutest chimney sweep I've ever met! Ponder is such a hoot!