Vitamins for everyone!

Barbie doll likes to sit in the grass in the garden, enjoy the sun and she even has thought of bringing enough to eat as well. Now if only she had taken her knitting basket with her or a book!

One thing is for sure, she won't be very hungry in the evening if she eats all this fruit - bananas, apples, a pear and an orange.

Chris doll is waiting for her friends. It is warm outside and so she has prepared some fresh fruit for the playing breaks. She hopes she'll get to the apple first, so juicy and sweet!

Both bowls are crocheted by me from coated copper wire and filled with handmade polymer clay fruit. They are available in my ArtFire studio.
I hope this will just be the beginning as I have more ideas, even if not the time! ;-)

Barbie und Chris are registered trademarks with Mattel. I am just a humble collector and not in any way affiliated with the company and do not express their opinions.

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