Show us your mugs and cups

Sometimes ideas come to you around two corners, two blog corners in this case.
I read this on Susanne's blog and I liked the idea that she got from here.

Do you have a cup or a mug with a story to it? Tell it to the world and link it back to Boutonacre's blog!
Funny about this is that in my SJA forum we just had a daily thread about our mugs a while ago.
For that thread I posted this picture with all my cat mugs (of which most were presents, by the way, and the picture is not even showing all of them because I got two new ones for Christmas!).
These mugs don't have a special story coming with them, though.

This one does.
It's over 30 years old and I never really liked it much. I have to admit I am not a fan of Miss Piggy. So why have I kept this mug for so long?
I think I was about 12, maybe younger, when I got it. Actually all of us three sisters got one. There was the choice of Kermit, Animal and Miss Piggy. Me being the youngest I didn't have first choice, of course (no hard feelings, sisters, but hey! :-P). My oldest sister took Kermit, the second one Animal and I was left with Piggy. Oh, believe me, I made my frustration about that very clear. I was not the girl to quietly take on her fate (I grew up to be a person that is still not good at that ...), but it didn't help me. I was stuck with her.

And with time I grew fond of this mug. May it be because it was a part of my childhood, may it be because there was this connection to my sisters (who still have theirs, by the way), I don't know. It doesn't matter really.

When we remodeled the downstairs kitchen, the tall guy went through the old mugs to throw some away. You know, the ones with commercials on them or the ones with chips or without a handle that you hang on to for too long. He also sorted out Miss Piggy and that almost got him a good kick from me. It was a good thing for him he only sorted out at that time and didn't throw away. He doesn't dare to touch her anymore now. Granted, she has retired mostly and is just standing there in the cabinet, but I know she's there batting her eyelashes at me ;-)

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  1. Fun idea! I don't really have that many stories about my mugs. I'll see if I can remember one for later.