One step closer to a million giraffes

You remember this post not so long ago?

Well, my giraffe has just been finished. And you can be sure, it will be my first and my last. That guy took up a lot of time and work! I think all in all that would be like 10 to 12 hours. Yes, you read right. Just attaching his legs has taken me forever.
I couldn't give up, though, could I?

So please welcome him (shhhh, and don't make fun about the very irregular pattern of his spots, I told him that he is an artistic giraffe and that they do come this way)!
Oh, and another thing - he does have ears, but they don't really show in these pictures. It's late and we did only a short photo session as he was still tired from his "birth" ;-)

Oh, and he is already uploaded to Ola's site and is only waiting for his approval.


  1. Ooh but what an artistic spot patern he has, so charming! :)

  2. I am amazed, you are doing better and better..finally you will be the best:)!