Squeaky clean

I'm not talking about myself, but about my latest project.
The hedgehogs made me taste blood, not because they got me with their (non-existent ;-)) quills, but because I feel the challenge to see what I can do.

Once more my head is full of ideas which is dangerous for the other WIPs still lying around. On the other hand I'm still on vacation which is perfect for Frankenstein experiments.
Come to life, my little creatures, mwahahaaaa!

Today's "monster" is Mr. Pigster.
Mr. Pigster has had a little too much to eat over the Christmas holidays (just like his creator) and he looks as if he is on the lookout for more with his nose in the air like that.
Unusual is that he likes to keep very clean. No mud for this piggy! And I'm sure he squeaks while I'm not around ;-)

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