Santa is one day early ....

.... and he's in our kitchen!
Oh wait, I think I was wrong. That's not Santa. The tummy is right, but this one is little bit smaller.
It's Santa Greeb!

"Why has Mom closed the door? And why is she trying to humiliate me? If I just don't look, maybe she'll go away ...."

"Oh no! Where is everything?? I'm blind!! Couldn't she at least have gotten a cap my size?? I used to think she loved me ..."

"Oh yes, Mom, you are SO going to pay for this! Are you done destroying my reputation now? Why didn't you post the fun pictures you took when you tried to put this ridiculous thing on Ponder? And why don't you show them the scratches he gave to you as a pre-Christmas gift?"

No animals were harmed during the making of this post. One human was, but only to the usual degree.

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  1. Dear Greebo, you have me sympathies I too can be the subject of such humiliation. NEVER let them think they can win and regularly throw up a fur ball on the bed. Paws Up. Marko and Squire. ^-^