A Christmas miracle! (And some hard work ;-))

You have seen parts of my desk before, mostly with a cat in the front like here. One reason for that was I didn't really want to show it to anyone.

I don't mind that it is an old dining table (this is the 20s room - yes, the rooms in this house have furniture from different decades), but I very much minded that it was a complete and utter mess.
People who know me at work are surprised how messy I can be at home. At work I would never leave notes on a desk. Things are done? Throw the note away. Two pens, one pencil and one eraser at each computer. The drawers have to hold at least two pens and one pencil, more are allowed. And could you please put the stapler right where it belongs? This is 4.349347 degrees off to the left! Do I have to do EVERYthing alone here?
OCD? Yes. At work.
Then I come home. Keys on top of the last 3 "Spiegel" that no one had the time to read yet. The new book I bought on the dining table (the real one, not my desk). Cat, get off this chair, that is where my bag goes now.
Up to my desk. Writing down things I want to transfer into the computer on little notes. You want to know why I don't do that right away? Because my desk wasn't organised which mostly wasn't even my fault. A dining table only has one drawer and the rest is in the tall guy's desk and one of the files is in his computer and I would have to turn it on (no, we can't get the file over to my computer, but that's too long a story).
Of course I always had beads on my desk as well, a lot of biz cards lying around and the odd things you absolutely need - envelopes, stamps, stapler, letter scales, books, a spool knitter, coasters, a little wooden manikin ... you get the drift.

But finally the tall guy found a little cabinet for me and now re-organising was the task of the day (and much more fun than doing the laundry).

I won't bore you with the details, only with the results.

The cabinet is from a paper merchant's office obviously, at least that is what Wikipedia told me about the name that is printed on.

My desk. Do you want to bet on how long it'll look like this? ;-)


  1. I'd say .... it's back to normal by tomorrow (Sunday) evening. :D That's usually the amount of time it takes me to .... well.. you know.... LOL