New kitty line!

Ok, the line itself is not so new as you know from a former post. The line surfacing in my shops is new and I can't seem to stop making those little kitties, probably because they are all as different as my own fur monsters are.

Speaking of fur monsters, Greebo's eye is starting to close up. I hope it is "just" a little cold and not another allergy attack like a few years ago when his asthma started. That was so terrible, my poor baby hardly able to breathe, only when he was standing up. I so do not want to hear these whistle sounds again! What worries me is that it came so sudden. Tomorrow we are off to the vet's. I can't go tonight because I have a doctor's appointment myself. I would rather go to the vet's!

Back to the kitty line. The little fellows have no closed eyes and are immune against colds and allergies. If it always were that easy ;-)

1 comment:

  1. hurray, wire cats from cat's wire. Wondeful.

    C'mon Greebo, shake it off baby. You can do it.