Being organised

I think this was one of the most unorganised days in the last week. Not that I didn't get to finish anything (except folding the laundry, this exciting chore I kept for tomorrow), but I started here and then there and really I am surprised I got anything done at all. Nice was that while working on protocols and jewelry and laundry and in the kitchen I could leave the windows open (no worry, just the ones with the cat nets in'em) and fresh spring air was coming in, mmmh. I was surprised the cats didn't spend all day sitting on the window sills! Probably too loud outside or not interesting enough.

So what did I get done? I worked on three club meeting protocols, I listed something on Etsy (peace, people! ;-)) ...

... I made some earrings ...

... I crocheted in an agate disk with copper wire, no picture available for that, though, because it is spending its time in a plastic bag together with a squished boiled egg. I wonder what is gonna happen, it's my first try at that, but I am not ready for playing with chemicals yet. Did you know (no, you didn't, why should you, but it's a figure of speech) that my chemistry teacher in 11th grade did not even know my name? I think he knew it after he caught me in the hallway imitating him. Lesson learned, never imitate your chemistry teacher right beside the chem lab door! Ah, I digress.

I ordered new copper wire in different colors (banglemania is still calling me ;-)) and silver wire, I cleaned the kitchen and fed the insatiable crowd about a billion times. I did the laundry and I ate junk food *sigh*

Almost time for me to call it a day, I have to get up early tomorrow morning. That's supposed to be vacation time, pfffffft! :-))

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