Blue sky with cotton ball clouds, that was my chance to take some pictures outside. Officially spring began yesterday, but it doesn't feel very springlike with those temperatures. So I wandered outside packed up in a t-shirt, a sweatshirt and a big jacket. Anyone know the movie "A Christmas story"? The little brother who couldn't get his arms down anymore from being all wrapped up in jackets, a scarf and a big anorak? I felt a little like him except I didn't fall on my back and had to lie there like a bug until someone came to the rescue.
My hopes for some good pictures were destroyed, though. Not enough light out there yet, maybe later in the afternoon. Instead I did some chores
around the house - yes, litter boxes came first, I don't dare making my furry masters mad ;-) - and then fiddled around with something I had begun to work on last night. It started out as a large ring and two little ones, then I put the little ones that I had intended to turn into earrings aside. One of these days I'll have to clean this "aside", stuff is piling up there!
You want to see what became of the large ring? Turn it into an infinity sign , combine it with a sterling silver ring and a fine chain and voilà, a collier is born :-)

Much better than cleaning litter boxes, I can tell you ...
Just now the tall guy (my husband) has arrived from our small local zoo. He brought an injured prairie dog who needs some time away from his or her family. Don't we all? Even if we don't bite each other? Poor baby, I hope he/she will feel better soon and then I will show you a picture.

And now, have a great weekend, all of you, while I hurry downstairs to get the stove cooking instead of the crochet hook ;-)

P.S. Listening to Mr. (got informed about that by the tall guy) Prairie Dog (any name suggestions?) squeaking and whistling I made another piece that is totally unusual for me. I call it the quartz trio and as you can see there is not a bit of crochet in it! ;-)


  1. Very pretty stuff--I crochet yarn like an addict, but i've never tried wire--you make me want to give it a shot though.

    By the way, did you name your cat Greebo after nanny ogg's cat from discworld? if so that absolutely rocks--I LOVE Terry Pratchett!

  2. Try it, it's fun and has so many possibilities!
    And yes, I named three of my cats Greebo, Ponder Stibbons and Esme Weatherway in humble reverence ;-) Terry is the best!