Bifocals!!!!!! ;-)

So I just picked them up - AND got home without falling. That is a good sign, isn't it? Later I'm going to put it through the hardest test of all, crocheting and looking TV at the same time. If that works I should be on the safe side. Of course my friend is already making fun of me. So I am an old woman, who cares? ;-)
At any case I hope making pieces like this moonstone pendant in a net of copper wire coated black (afterwards scrubbed down to let the copper color reappear a little) will be easier from now on. It took quite some fiddling, I can tell you, because the stone is small. I tried to make another one in sterling silver, but the stone kept slipping. In the end my eyes were so weary I had to give up. Sometimes you have to know when to put something down and give it a new try later.

Now I'm off to do my laundry. Not something I particularly love, but it has to be done. Although it is said about Swabians that they are crazy about housework, I think my mother's genes - she isn't a Swabian - come through here :-))

Shoot, I keep looking over the rim of my glasses when I want to look at something closely, I really have to stop that!

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