Meet the pack!

May I introduce ... the masters of my universe!

Gandalf, the senior, almost 16 years old and addicted to unhealthy food

Mephista, the lady, 9 years old and still behaving like a baby
Greebo, from the same parents as Mephista (who would have thought that??), 8 years old and the clinging type, you should see my shoulder ...
The black devil siblings Ponder and Esme, 3 years old, with unbelievable energy and the will to rule the world

And a tribute to Merlin - he is not longer with us. I miss you so much, Merl, every day ...


  1. Hey! Yor cat-pack looks so funny and cute! I find the clinging type particularly funny and cute:))! Lovely creatures!!!!

  2. How nice to see them all :)
    I had cats when I lived at home with my parents. What annoyed me then is what I miss now - the way they sleep almost anywhere. Like in the book you are reading :D

  3. They all look just the BEST cats (but I feel the same about mine :-))

    I now what you mean about Merlin, I miss our Sooty every day. Every day.