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After never living alone for the bigger part of my life I found myself alone in my flat - alone as in the only human - from one day to the other. While it felt very strange at first, I soon learned how nice it can be to go to bed whenever I want, leave the light on and read, or watch TV until the wee hours of the morning, have an early dinner or a late breakfast, and doing things the way I like.
I wonder what it would be like now to live together with someone again, just like Frasier who takes in his father ... and his chair ... and ...

Niles (Frasier's brother): Dad, have you mentioned Eddie yet?
Frasier (shocked): Eddie??
Niles (leaving the flat and closing the door): Ta-ta.
Frasier: No, Dad, no, no, not Eddie!
Martin: But he's my best friend! Get me my beer, will you?
Frasier: But he's weird! He gives me the creeps! All he does is stare at me!
Martin: Ah, it's just your imagination.
Frasier: Look, Dad, no. No, I'm sorry, but I am putting my foot down. Eddie is not moving in here.

Meet Eddie ;-)

Frasier, USA, 1993 - 2004


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    1. I just did a "Frasier-thon" ;-) Eddie is definitely the best!