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Today I'm going to take you back a family that I introduced to you in June 2012.

The daughter of Phil and Claire, Haley, has decided to move in with her boyfriend Dylan right after highschool. Haley and Dylan are convinced they'll make it, her parents are not quite so convinced, mostly because they know both her daughter and Dylan.
I think Phil makes the best point ever in such a discussion.
For all of you IKEA lovers out there ...

Claire: Um, at first, it's a blast. Buying a dish rack, hanging a sheet up to turn one room into two.
Phil: Allen-wrenching a bookcase called a "Njarnk" because you couldn't afford the "Sklurg".

*gasp* Can you imagine having to do with the "Njarnk" instead of the "Sklurg"??? I don't even want to think about it!!!

Modern Family, USA, 2009 -

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