Miss me?

In that case you'll be happy to hear that I'm still around. Kind of. In an unorganized sort of way. I'm not sure what it is, but it seems I can't stick to my list, I can't even get myself to update it because I'm afraid I'll drop dead halfway, it'll be so long. Or maybe I'll break my wrist, you don't want that, do you? ;-)

To prove that I haven't dropped dead yet however, I'll show you my latest piggy. Right now I'm working on another critter, the excitement whether it'll work out or now is almost killing me. Almost only. Actually I wouldn't bet on this one to ever go public, but like always I'll at least have learned something from it!


  1. He's sweet! Is he for sale.... My father was a profesor of swine nutrietion and we always collected pigs for him whenever we traveled... I know he never got a wire crochet one... Most of the collection is in boxes, as their retirement condo doens't have room for many thousand pigs... but my shelves always have room for one more thing!

  2. Thank you both!
    Lynne, what a coincidence. I'll drop you a line.