Mary Poppins, incomplete hearts and a witch

Since I was a child, I have loved the Mary Poppins books by P. L. Travers. I can't say how often I read them. I still read them regularly. I always wished I could have been one of those children, and it's impossible for me to pick my favorite adventure.
When looking at the pendant I just listed I remember the story about Mary's relative. He could repair all kinds of porcelain things, cups, figurines, but he could also repair something much more important - hearts.

Have you ever wondered how to repair a heart that is not just broken, but missing a piece? I just couldn't help myself, this beautiful green freeform cab reminded me of an incomplete heart, so I went on a mission - I made the heart complete by crocheting fine silver wire into the missing piece. I hid the "scar" with rainbow moonstones. And yes, you have seen it before, but I didn't explain anything about it then, AND it's listed now. Progress!

Make my heart whole, now on Zibbet

I also have a confession to make. I don't have enough time. Now that I'm not only married to my crochet hooks, but have also caught the looming bug, I'm probably doomed.
Let me show you my latest cuff. Can you see I'm looking forward to Halloween? And here the circle is closing. I first read about Halloween in a Mary Poppins book. Yes, it's true, I swear!

By the way, even if I don't have any loomed cuffs in my shop (yet?), let me know if you want to talk about one.

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