Hope, cats and cuffs

I'm sitting here and there's a cool breeze coming through the windows. It feels so good! I have a little hope now that I'll survive after all. I'm not so sure about my brain, though. Those brain cells just melted away over the last days. Even the cats were knocked out by the hot weather. I have two pictures to prove it and believe me, the others weren't better off.
There is NO picture of me being sprawled all over the bed like a dead octopus. I don't want to scare you away.

My poor girl Esme - mowed down by a heat wave in the prime of her life
Smart move, Ponder, to rest your head on a warm laptop during that heat

It's a good thing Mabel's brain cells are as good as ever (what a show-off). I'll just show you two cuffs that she made me create recently. She was no help however in cataloging my books, blogging (!) or editing pictures of my vacation (and blogging about that as well). Yup, Mabel has a very one-sided mind. And she refuses to cook - which is actually a good thing now, but not so good at lower temperatures.

With a beautiful lampwork bead by Pink Beach Studios - it's for my Mom
Against the light, so you can see the pattern better - the edging is made from tiny red carnelian beads

Cuff of Modern Art - for myself. Somehow it makes me think of lots of framed pictures

P.S. Don't think all I do is bead looming now. I just can't take too many pictures at once. Our command center (aka computer room) and my photo setup are under the roof ... hot, hot ... and I can't stand that for long, remember


  1. Thank you - who would have thought an old circus horse like me could still learn something new?! ;-)