There's music in the air

And if there is none, let's make some ourselves.
We'll start with the clef. Actually I had so much fun with the clef that I needed to make a few. Two of them have travelled elsewhere, but two are left and I want to share them with you.

They are made of a wire crochet tube for which I used a small hook, so the tube is hardly recognizable as one. It couldn't be too big because it doesn't bend that well then and that might have prevented the shaping of the clef.

For the extra twist I added a "musical note", a beautiful labradorite on the first one, a white pearl surrounded by tiny peridot beads on the second.
The first one is already available in my ArtFire studio, the second one might get an oxdizing treatment, I'm still not sure about that.

Fine silver wire crochet clef with labradorite

Fine silver wire crochet clef with pearl and peridots


  1. Cool new collection Cat....that pearl one is already undressed and waiting for an LOS bath with a rubber duck! *lol* Sue♥

  2. Thank you Sue!
    Now I want to see the tiny rubber ducky ...