Quote of the week

Today's quote is from one of my all-time favorite movies, The Wizard of Oz.
It's just perfect for the heat wave that hit the country at the moment and that I have problems to deal with. You know me, I'm the cool type ;-)

"I'm melting!"
That is what the Wicked Witch of the West - as seen above with one of her cool flying monkeys - screams when the water that Dorothy uses to put out the fire on the scarecrow touches her and makes her melt. I use it a lot these days!!

The Wizard of Oz, USA, 1939


  1. I concur! I am melting! hehehe

  2. *lol* said the same yesterday, 35C in the sun..In Sweden! Was melting!

  3. I've quoted that myself a few times over the last few weeks LOL

  4. The Club of the Melties? ;-))