If you wish upon a star, first check if it's awake

It has been a while that I wanted to try and make face cabs from polymer clay. But you know how I am. Too many ideas at once, getting distracted easily, feeling the urge to experiment with something.
Yesterday that urge led to me a face cab. All week it had been so hot that my motivation was close to zero. I started a few pathetic attempts at playing with clay, but not much came of them. I was sitting in my "laboratory", thinking, rolling a ball of clay between my hands, mixing colors, twisting it, putting it through the pasta machine and suddenly I found myself with a disk on the table in which I had pressed two indentations with my forefingers. Eye sockets!
I had mixed the colors to make them resemble dark wood which was perfect for a face. I thought it would be really nice if it looked like some ancient tribal mask. And finally my first face was done. But ... what to do with it?

At first I thought I'd just make a bezel for it. When looking for a matching color, I stumbled upon my brass wire. It's the wire I had started five projects with which I threw away almost right away. Brass is springy, hard and really makes your hands sore during crocheting. But -
1. hadn't I promised to use what I've got?
2. stubbornness set in.
3. the color fit the cab perfectly.
Sigh. What are fingers good for anyway? They'll heal.

When the bezel was finished, it seemed something was missing. That was when I decided to turn the pendant into a star.

I think it was the right decision and you?

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