Time management and cat fights

I'm back at my own computer, but I still haven't listed anything new. I have to work on my time management which is always more difficult during the week. When coming home from being away for at least 12 hours I have to feed the monsters first. Then I have to decide if I want to work on a piece or if I go and sit at the computer. I get absorbed easily in both and suddenly I find I haven't had time for taking photos and listing. Either the day needs more hours or I need to quit my day job ;-)

Today the cats were even crazier than usual when I came home. It's often like that on a Monday. It seems they have to get used to the thought of being left alone during the day again. And as they are great actors who are all nominated for the Academy Awards this year, they bring on a great act of course.

1. Greebo finds a glass bead on the floor. We play fetch for a while. This cat thinks he's a dog. He doesn't bark, though. He sounds more like a bird.

2. I hear strange sounds from the kitchen. After a while they stop and I don't pay attention. About half an hour later I hear them again. The tall guy goes into the kitchen and yells at me from there: "Smart move to leave the kibble box on the counter!" Uh-oh. Killed by merciless hunters it died a gruesome death. Remember the pictures of lions after a meal? Fat bellies hanging down? I feel Ponder has one like that now. The black ball next to him must be his sister.

3. Meffi is thirsty. Mylady doesn't drink from the bowl anymore. After many years she went back to drinking from the faucet and only there. Usually she waits by the sink and makes her funny little cat meows. Sometimes she sits in the sink. And if she is ignored for too long (at night for example) she'll come and wake you up. But now Ponder is up there, eating from the fresh cat grass. Never mind. Meff is thirsty NOW. So she jumps into the sink and I turn the faucet on. She gets out of the sink, bumping into Ponder. Have I mentioned those two don't get along too well? Often Meffi is the one leaving, but ... yes, she's thirsty. So she hits Ponder on the head twice and he is so confused he leaves.

4. Esme is mad because I wouldn't let her take the last kibble from Meffi. She runs upstairs and shows the box with my envelopes what she thinks about this unfair world.

Doesn't it look as if we have a tiger in our house marking his territory? The tiger is white and black and his name is Greebo. Now that he did the main work, the black fellows join in the fun. They probably expect a big treasure in the box ... Enough now. I know this was a very random post, but that's all my brain was good for today!


  1. Oh boy. You DO have your hands full! I know what you mean about time for making and time for uploading. Uploading takes SO LONG and I want to MAKE STUFF!!!!

  2. On the other hand - how could I live without them??? ;-)