Why ....

.... did the people give me strange looks at the hospital today? I was prepared to wait carrying my little bag of silver-plated wire, already strung with bead soup (can you string something with soup or did I string soup beads??) and I managed to make two thin bangles there and on the train home. Exactly the right thing to do and it kept me from falling asleep. At the sonography it didn't work, though. I just had made the first stitch and I was called in. By one of my favorite doctors, so that was okay ;-)
It's terrible to be an addict, I wonder if I can find a support group "Crocheters Anonymous" around here somewhere! *lol*

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  1. I took my time today to read a bit your blog! So far, you made me laugh many times. Like on "Crocheters Anonymos":)))) Silly!!!!