Trying something new

Actually I had thought about that from the moment I started crocheting with wire, but yesterday, when I was trying out all the crochet hooks my MIL gave me and finally came to the smallest one, the spark of inspiration (that Terry Pratchett is talking about in his book "Sourcery") hit me with all the might a spark can hit you.

I hope this idea will develop, my big goal is to crochet a life-size elephant ;-) You don't believe me? So what about a kitty head, not quite life-sized?

This was my first attempt, in sterling silver wire, jade beads as eyes and a red seed bead as nose. Yeah, yeah, I know, no mouth. I will keep him as a good luck charm, I think. Without the ears he is about 0.4 inch high.

This is number two from brown copper wire. He is larger and he has tomcat cheeks. And a mouth. After all you don't really see cats' lips. The eyes are aventurine, the nose a red seed bead again. I'll have to search my stash for a pink seed bead or maybe a black one.

Stay tuned in case I post the picture of the life-size elephant some day .......


  1. Diese Häkelmiezen sind ja herzallerliebst! Der Kater hat was von Maurice, irgendwie....
    Und auf dem life-sized elephant möchte ich dann reiten =)
    Übrigens liebe ich deine Postings, die sind so wunderbar geschrieben (...und ich dachte, mein Englisch sei gut... o-Oh...)
    Grüßle, dein Blog-Fan von der ersten Stunde an, Esmelvira ;-)

  2. Eine dolle Umarmung meiner Lieblingshexe ... und dankeeee :-))