More netted pendants

"Please go answer the phone", my mom told me when I was over at her place. While I was talking to my sister who was on the line, I was playing with some rocks in a bowl sitting next to the phone. They had come with a fountain my sister had bought for the garden. Big, substantial rocks in all colors. Too big for jewelry? Hmm. When we had finished talking, I took the bowl to where my mom was sitting and started looking. The shape was important and the color. Finally I had picked three of the maybe twenty-five. "May I ask what you are doing there?" my mother asked and I told her. She allowed me to have them under the condition that I would give one piece to her.

"Black mist"
Netted in sterling silver wire, I don't know what the name of the stone is, but it looks like a sodalite, just in black. Maybe one of you can help me out on this one? Attached is a little star for guidance through the mist

This is the pendant I made for my mom. A big, chunky sodalite, netted in sterling silver wire, wearable from both sides and adorned with little very light green jade dangles.

Front side where you see more of the stone

The backside where the netting is more dense, like a little window for the star

Shhhh, I might have to go back to that bowl ....................................... ;-)

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  1. Inspiraton strikes! How clever to turn pretty but ordinary stones into a work of art and beauty.