Knitting dolly (Nancy, spool, whatever) - a new experience

Can you believe I never used a knitting dolly (Nancy, spool or whatever name you know it under, we call it a "Strickliesel") as a child? After I started crocheting with wire everybody hearing about it said "Ah, with a knitting dolly!". "No, with a crochet hook." "Huh??"
So my sister had been telling me from the start she would bring one for me to try. Finally she thought of it and here is my first attempt. Not perfect, I know, but actually it's not as easy as you might think. Wire has its own mind when it comes to bending and moving down through a little hole to finally come out the other side, I found out. I think after making four strands my right arm developed an extra muscle, but I have the feeling that it could actually get addictive, even as much as the crochet.

Now I had four "ropes" of wire, but only knew how to braid three. No problem, what have we got the internet for? I looked it up and really it's so easy. All I had to remember was "over, under, under" and voila, here is the result. Not finished yet because there are no findings on it and since it is not perfect, I'll keep it myself. The idea is stuck in my head, though. I wonder which other vital information had to leave my brain to make place for it, probably I'll know when I don't find my way to or from work anymore? ;-)


  1. Catie, das ist soooo wunderschön, das hätte ich mir allein aufgrund deiner Schilderungen nicht vorstellen können und jetzt bin ich nahezu sprachlos!

  2. So pretty. Braiding always is easier with odd numbers - this 4 rope braid is amazing. But then; all your work is amazing.