Horses are big

So I spent last evening and night at my friend's house. We ate, we drank (just a litte prosecco for me), we laughed, we discussed things, we chatted and we petted the cats. Before that she took me to the stable. I have never been the kind of girl that was crazy about horses, never even for one moment. I look at them, I think they look nice, but so do cows to me. I just don't feel the urge to touch them or more - to sit on them! Over the many, many years of my life I often had to discuss that with friends. I was even forced once to sit on a (beautiful, but mighty big) horse because then I would change my mind. That's what they thought. They were wrong. Poor horse, poor me. A few pictures exist of this exciting venture, but they are not to be shown here because they are too embarrassing. For me, not the horse. He looked great. I was merely a monkey clinging on to him. My friends prefer the pic that I named "two butts". They have a good laugh just thinking about it.
So the hour we spent there looking a possible new riding instructor doing a test lesson was not exciting for me. Oh well. Sometimes you have to make small sacrifices ;-)

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