Almost over

Since last night the weather seems to pick up my mood and the sky is raining for me. I don't feel like crying only because this is my last day of vacation, but it still is a little depressing. It has been nice here at home, relaxing, neglecting all kinds of chores, just hanging out with friends, family, the furkids, going to bed really late, hm, or early because I was glued to my armchair while the hook was glued to my fingers.
But hey, that's the way it goes.
"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Thanks for this sentence, Mr. Stephen King, it is so useful to twist around.
All play and no work makes Cat a happy girl ... but when will the laundry rise and take over the place? Will there be a sock named Spartacus leading the single sock army against me? Will the closets break down under unfolded shirts? Or will we all go down in a cloud of dust? I am a responsible grown-up and I can't play all the time, but that means now I will grab these last few days and squeeze as much time out of them as possible! :-)
"So come up to the lab and see what's on the slab" ... geez, must be my quoting day today. But it's true, just wait what I am working on, mwahaha ;-)

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