World literature, mashed potatoes and copper wire

You say that doesn't go together? But it does because that is what my day consisted of today. A dear late friend from the zoo had a book collection of leather-bound volumes from Goethe to Melville, from Shakespeare to Tolstoi. Impossible to throw them all away, they are beautiful, but also none of us has the space to display them permanently and they are really too nice to be left in some dark drawer which is where they have landed for now. Hopefully not too long, though, I listed most of them on a book selling website. The money that will come from it will go to the zoo and that is exactly what she would have wanted. But hey, that is time-consuming! I think I listed more than 40 books and most of them looked like they have never been touched. Gilt edging in perfect state, leather outside and silk inside, mmh, if the books haven't been touched, my librarian's heart has been now :-D But even the most hardcore librarian gets tired after a while and so I decided to leave the last few books for tomorrow. Good old "Faust" won't run away, I will just place my Mephista girl on top of it, that should work ;-)
Of course that wasn't all I did today. Not even I am
that slow in typing. I did my favorite chores around the house and I cooked, I picked up stuff at the pharmacy, I had a little chat with the postman, I got angry at the cats fighting and in between I was in my chair sleeping. After the mailman with a package had woken me up again, I went back to the chair and finished this pendant and as an extra worked on this bracelet. Do you recognise the stones? They are from my fleamarket buy and I think they work quite well on this bracelet and also the lonely one on the pendant.
All in all a successful day, I think!

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