What do you do when ideas won't turn out the way you want them to ....

Easy enough. You calm down, relax, have a cool drink and try again.
Huh? That might go for others, but not for me. I don't calm down, but jump around like
Rumplestiltskin. Then I throw everything on the floor (if I am sure it will not break ;-)) and after lots of swearing and cussing I might turn to that cool drink and afterwards calm down. A little. Sometimes I try again and sometimes I decide the whole idea was dumb anyway.
You wonder why I am elaborating on this subject? That's why:

To my defense, I did not throw it on the floor and also didn't jump around on it. It was just that I wasn't totally happy and still am not, but ideas from friends how to improve it are already rolling in. More experimenting will keep me from thinking about things that happened the last few weeks. There's a whole lot of trouble going on in my circles it seems and like I wrote a friend in an email today, it feels as if I should be scared to look around corners because the next bad surprise might already wait there.
Oops, no, the surprise is waiting inside my keyboard and it's called cat hair. The little guys should by right be naked now, but the way it looks and feels they are still pretty much covered. I think the shedding has become worse, does that mean spring is
finally around the corner?? Please, let it be so, although I don't mind rain usually, I am getting to the point where I want to change my mind about that.
The snoring behind me - in black and white and very furry - is telling me I start to get boring, so I'll call it a day now.

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