Springtime and brooch addiction

Not only have the meteorologists finally announced that the spring is coming, but you can already smell it in the air. The sky is blue, the sun is peeking through and that gave me the inspiration for my flower brooches.

Well, although this one looks more like an ice flower, but maybe the gold seed beads mean it's about to thaw?

This flower was made from warmer colors, maybe an exotic plant, who knows if maybe my wishes to take off to somewhere nice led my crochet hook in this case ...

This might not be a flower in the strictest sense, but I am not sure what else it reminds me of. It's a piece like a chameleon, it changed from stitch to stitch and I think I heard my muse giggling in the background. She is probably in a spring mood as well. If you do a craft, have you ever wondered what your muse looks like? I used to think of mine as one of the beautiful Art Nouveau ladies by Alfons Mucha, but yesterday it was probably more like a bratty little girl with freckles ;-) Maybe she is a chameleon, too! That would explain a lot!

And last, but hopefully not least the smallest specimen. I can see them as a nice little accent on a lapel.

Maybe I can come up with something else today. I'll open my windows wide and let the air come in, take a deep breath and - do the laundry first. The laundry, my old enemy, keeping me from more important things, (insert an approriate word of your choice in here, thank you) you! ;-)

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