The long way home

Of course I had to wander into that store that has a closing down sale even if it doesn't sell anything I need. I bought something anyway, but not for myself. I hope this person will appreciate the thought because I had to take great burdens onto my shoulders for that. Why did the shop close down (no, I didn't ask, but my face obviously cried "Tell me, tell me"), what would happen to the house and to the house next to it. What happened to the whole town anyway. Parking problems, the advantage of the new store, the wife that didn't want him to start again at a different place, but it was only supposed to be a help for his successor, to give him a good start into the new venture. Then on to the old neighbors and to the new neighbor. My part of the conversation was little and pathetic. "Yes. Aaah. No, really?" Still it was amusing. I wasn't in a real hurry. Not yet at least ...
The next store. "So are you still working in S.? Are you still taking the train?" It has its good to know your storekeepers, but by now I was afraid the furkids would kill and eat me when I'd come through the door. A vacuum cleaner saved me, I cleared the battle field and ran on to the next store. "Well, what was she doing?" you might ask. "Another store? After spending so much time already? She'll be voted worst cat mom of the century." I had to do it because it was the butcher's! That one went a little faster, too.
When I came outside it had started raining again. Not much, but enough to bring me home in a tired mood. I think I forgot my creativity at the first store. I will go there tomorrow and pick it up and listen to Part 2 of "Incredible life" ;-)
So no pictures today, only a Good Night ...

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