Flea market!

Aaah, spring may be coming after all. At least there were three flea markets in one little town today. There had only been one this year and so we - my sister, the tall guy and I - were pretty excited and in hunting fever. I wasn't expecting too much, maybe a book or two, but although there were many commercial dealers with goods from screwdrivers to sweatshirts, there were also a few private sellers.
I ended up with two books, a nice little old ashtray with a polar bear standing on top (the seller said, as no one in the family smoked, her mother had used it as a bowl for peanuts), a strand of blue goldstone and this:

Seriously, for about six bucks I just couldn't resist. I had been looking at something else on this seller's table and then saw a box full of beads (also some glass pearls that I already sorted out). I took a peek, the seller saw it, looked at my necklace and said "if you are making necklaces, you can have the whole lot cheap, it's my last rest". I know there isn't anything spectacular in there, but for that money I will have some use for them, I'm sure :-)
The tall guy and my sister were also happy enough to find a little something. I can't wait till the season really starts.

By the way, good thoughts for Mr. Prairie Dog are appreciated, I hope he is just too excited at the moment to eat because so far he has spurned all the delicacies we have offered him :-(

P.S. I had to try and make something with the blue goldstone beads. A night picture, so it's not too good, but you'll get the drift ...

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