Eulalia and the new nest

Eulalia was not like the other chickens. If they did one thing, Eulalia did another, just to show it could be done.
One thing of those was that she absolutely refused to build her nest inside the coop. She needed something for herself, something different, something that was just hers, and she found it.
It was a very comfortable little basket, as if it were made especially for her and there was even some nice hay in it for extra comfort.
The others began to eye her a bit jealously ... I wouldn't be surprised if more of them follow suit, but what will Eulalia say to that?


  1. Eulalia is quite the special chicken with a basket for a nest. And she is soooo cute!


    1. She is, Michelle, a real trend setter! ;-)
      Thank you very much, Ester's chickens are squeeworthy!