Fall harvest

"You may use any materials you wish and interpret the theme in a way that makes you think of a Fall Harvest."
That's what our Jewelry Artisans Community challenge mistress wrote.
I had a plan almost right away, but was stopped in action because I couldn't find the essential item for said plan.
It's so embarrassing, I started looking for it on August 22 which was when the challenge was posted, I nagged about not finding it on August 27, then again on September 20 announcing that it was driving me nuts, and I found it on September 29 - IN EXACTLY THE PLACE I HAD LOOKED FOR IT THE FIRST DAY AND AT LEAST FIVE TIMES AFTER THAT!! Not mentioning all the other possible spots.
I had been looking for a box in my drawer, but I had already taken the baggie out of the box and thought it was something else.

I know that you can't wait to hear about my plan now.
It includes one of my little wire crochet baskets. No, don't leave! I'm not harvesting yarn.
The mystery item is a cute little Halloween pumpkin from clay (actually there are two, but I only used one).
Sounds like an easy challenge, doesn't it? I harvested a pumpkin from the haunted garden, put him in a little basket and took it home. What will happen there, no one knows yet.

Not that easy, actually. The pumpkin is not a bead, but a charm with a little loop at the top. How was I supposed to attach the little one in the basket if I didn't want to glue him in (which I obviously didn't)?
The only way to do it was to attach him to the handle.
So first I had to work out what size to make the basket, so I could fit the pumpkin in without hiding his face, but also without him slipping out. Then I started wrapping my handle as usual, but added the pumpkin in the last two wrapping cycles. So far, so good.
Now all I needed were some green wire tendrils. If you wonder how a harvested pumpkin manages to wrap all his tendrils around the basket handle, you have obviously forgotten that he comes from the haunted garden.

Next up was the basket filling. I couldn't just let the pumpkin dangle from his tendrils in there, it didn't look right.
After trying it with wire at first, I settled for a nice dark green needle felt cushion instead. You can only see that a little in the picture, but it's actually very important for my little pumpkin to sit on very comfortably.
He sure looks very happy with it :-)


  1. That is one happy pumpkin all nestled into his custom made basket. Totally adorable! So glad you found him.


    1. Thank you! Nitta's work is amazing.
      I would have been so sad if they had been lost. Good luck to you finding your latest "safe spot"!

  2. Oh, the not finding something and then finding it? That happens to me all the time, too! Sometimes I just say, out loud, "Ok, I know you hid it, so now bring it back, please." I usually find it then, in the same spot I had looked 5 times because I "knew" it was there. That basket is just so intricate, I love it!

    1. Isn't it terrible? It's not getting better with age, either *lol*
      Thank you very much, Cindy!

  3. He is adorable and looks very comfy! Wonderful, whimsical interpretation of Harvest Time, Cat. I'm so glad you're stubborn - that kept you going and determined and it paid off once you finally found him in the first and last place you looked! ;) Dawn

    1. You make fun of me all you want, Dawn :-))))
      I'll remind you next time you don't find something.
      Seriously, though, I'm really glad I did and everything worked out!

    2. Who me? I never do stuff like that! ;) I'm glad you found him too, Cat.