The Easter Bunnaroo

Move over, Easter Bunny. Take a step back, Easter Beagle (sorry, I still do love you). There's a new kid in town.
Meet the Easter Bunnaroo.

There are different opinions of him, but I can't help thinking that this little dude has a bunny Mom and a kangaroo Dad.
Of course I could say I knew that from the start, but actually I have to admit that the plan had been to give a little Easter bunny to some lovely people. It was my first one, and maybe I should have paid more attention to the mischievous giggle of muse Mabel in my head.

I poked and poked and my little bunny became bigger, especially his head, while the ears seemed to shrink with my trying to make that big head sit right on the body. For some reason his belly started growing as well, so I had to make the feet longer ... maybe a little more wool around the neck ... at least the tail is still that of a bunny, but it's too small now, more roving .... okay, I finally gave up trying to change him because I actually like him the way he is, and I hope so will the people he went hopping to. I mean, he's bringing gifts, right?

I admit I had a bit of a hard time letting him go. I'm sure this feeling will change once I have made more critters, but at the moment they are all my children. Weird children maybe, but that was to be expected, after all they are mine ;-)