Tackle that stash - Tiny sheep

This year one of the old jewelry stores in my hometown shut its door for good after about 100 years. While it hadn't been a store I used to frequent myself - in fact I can only remember one time I asked about something in there - I often walked by it on my way to or from the train station, and I often had a look at the windows because they didn't just offer modern jewelry, but also had displays of vintage jewelry and even loose stones or pearls.
Before they closed, they had a sale, and my sister and I went in a last time to have a look.

Next to the counter they had a big glass bowl with small cabs and faceted stones, some real, some synthetic. The lady said they kept those for children coming in with customers which I thought was a sweet idea.
Even though I am not a child anymore, I took two small jasper cabs as a memory with the intention on making something from them eventually.

When I was asked about a sheep a while ago, I remembered these two cabs that had finally made it from my purse to my stash drawer and thought that one of them would make a cute little sheep prototype in copper. When will I learn that tiny doesn't mean easier to make? ;-) The whole pendant including the bail is just 1 inch high and 1 1/3 inch wide!
At least I learned a few things from it for the next sheep. As I said, this is a prototype that I will keep, so yes, there are tool marks, the ear is a bit too small and the head maybe a bit too large. I still think it's kind of cute :-D

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