Oldies but Goodies - Vintage Style

One style will never be completely out of fashion - that's the vintage style. It's easy to see why. Vintage style can be about anything, and you can always pick your favorite. Many if not most of us are dreaming of better times, and memories of when we were more careless are not difficult to evoke. If everything was indeed so careless and so much better, that's a whole different question.
I can be hopelessly nostalgic myself while readily admitting that the old times were not necessarily times I would have wanted to live in. I appreciate my washing machine, thank you very much, and that's not the only thing. Other modern things I can very well do without, though.

An easy way to pick from the past just what you want are accessories of a time period you like. They don't even have to be real vintage which is not always easy to come by or may simply be too expensive, there are beautiful items out there created in a vintage style.
Here are some of them from our latest Jewelry Artisans Community Oldies but Goodies Challenge. I hope you'll enjoy them.

1 and 6 The Crafty Chimp
2 and 3 Cat's Wire
4 and 5 RioRita


  1. Very nice Vintage Style pieces!

    1. It would have been great to see even more! As I said, I can be so nostalgic, especially about things like these :-D