Tackle that stash - Gunmetal and gold and lampwork, oh my

It's incredible what treasures you sometimes find in your house.
I went through my nightstand drawer (I have no idea what others keep in there, but mine holds supplies) and literally struck gold! Gold wire, to be more precise. 4 feet of 9 ct gold wire that I had completely forgotten about and that spent years in that drawer hidden away in the back corner because I didn't know what to do with it.
I got it with the intention to use it as accent in a wire crochet piece, but the wire kept breaking, so I had to give up on that plan. Every time I stumbled upon it, I looked at it for a while and then put it back again.
This time, however, I had a new technique up my sleeve.

No matter how careful I was, the wire started twisting up and finally broke in a few spots, but I managed to finish this pendant.
Another successful stash tackler! ;-)

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