Oldies but Goodies - Heat

Last year around this time we had a heat wave. And a friend of mine from California came to visit.
Americans can't understand that not all of us here have A/C. I guess we never really needed it. You lived through the hot days by drinking a lot, going to the local pool, and sweating a lot, in my case also cursing a lot. My friend didn't understand why I wouldn't let her leave the fan or the one A/C unit in my bedroom on during the night. I told her that I wouldn't take the cats to the vet if they got a cold because they decided to sleep in a drafty spot. A lot has to happen before I turn the A/C unit on and the fan is never unsupervised.
Now every time I mention heat my friend tells me "to turn that fan on!!!!" She thinks I'm totally weird.

While I hate heat, I love these items from these week's Jewelry Artisans Community Oldies but Goodies Challenge. Hopefully you will, too.
Maybe you also want to tell me how you live through the heat or even if you are one of those people who start blossoming from it when I am ready to die from it .... ;-)

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5 Jewelry Art by Dawn


  1. I hate heat too, this week it will be hot again 30 to 35 C
    So I will be closing the curtains again to keep the heat out and I think I will be spending my time in front of my fan again.
    Luckily I have a fan at work too. :)

    Nice presentation of the topic, everybody.

  2. I couldn't survive the Texas heat without a/c. Cat, I've never had a cat catch a cold from the a/c. Turn it on if you're hot. :)

    Beautiful "hot" pieces from JAC members.

    1. Greebo is almost as good at catching colds as I am since he had his first asthma attack.
      I'm still not done with the one I obviously got from the a/c on the train.
      Maybe Texas cats are extra tough! ;-)

  3. Maybe that's it. There probably isn't a month that we don't use the a/c.

    Hope your cold is gone soon.

    1. And my unit never cools down the whole place, either, it's just for the bedroom. We don't have those open spaces here.
      That means coming from a hot room to a cold one and back again.
      Anyway, I'm not going to move to Texas!! :-D