Quote of the week

Who doesn't need money?
We work for it, we play the lottery hoping that will do the trick, we rob banks and steal the petty cash at work (okay, so most of us do NOT do that which is a good thing), but there are also innovative ways of earning money. How about this idea by the lovely Aimi MacDonald?

"I'm appealing to you again on behalf of the Make the Lovely Aimi MacDonald a Rich Lady Fund. I'm afraid it's bad news. We've had a very poor response so far. Come on, Great Britain, you can do better than that! Do you realise that if each of you sends me just one pound, that will be enough to keep me in luxury for hours. So, don't be a meany, give generously to this deserving cause. Next week, I should be reading out a list of all those who have not yet given. Thank you and good luck."

Let me know if you try it and how it works out.

At Last the 1948 Show, UK, 1967

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