Tackle that stash - Necklace with Biggs jasper and freshwater pearls

Welcome back to "Tackle that stash"! *insert merry jingle here*
I know it has been a while. Don't think that I haven't made anything during the time. I started a personal project, the "fan wall", so far with one bead loomed portrait of a favorite actor, I played around with new beading techniques and with patterns. Somehow none of them made it onto the blog, though.

Now I am back with an announcement.
I love jasper. Yeah, ok, so I said it before, but I really can't imagine why there was a time when I thought it was boring just because it didn't sparkle.
Whenever my muse Mabel is out of town and takes my beading mojo with her, I grab a cab. Not always does that actually make something happen, but sometimes it does.
This great Biggs jasper cabochon had been in my stash far too long because I wasn't able to decide on a color combination.
Picking it up for the umpteenth time I finally decided to go for the earthy look, use some copper wire and see where it would take us, that's the Biggs and me. Wire knit bezels are fun for me. They leave so much options to play with them, add another layer, connect those layers, add beads on the inside or outside. With a wire knit bezel I hardly ever know what it will look like in the end.

In this case I ended up with chocolate brown pearls which look good enough to eat and a brown rope to pick up the colors of the jasper. Aren't they perfect together?

Now tell me again - why didn't I use to like jasper?

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