Spring cleaning

I'm a Swabian. There are lots of clichés about Swabians. We are busy bees, we don't like to talk, we are good workers, we like to save money and we are obsessed with cleaning.

Yeah, well. No. Sorry. I missed that gene. I don't find endless happiness in cleaning hard to reach gaps in the kitchen or dangerously balancing on a chair to get rid of a cobweb in the corner. Actually I just looked up and saw a cobweb clinging to my stairs to nowhere.
I have bouts of energy which make me clean out closets, but my Swabian grandmother would probably have considered it a very feeble attempt. I can start scrubbing something at 10 at night, but I can also laugh a spot right in the face and give it another day to live without losing a moment's sleep over it.
The trash has to be taken out, I don't want food leftovers or empty pizza boxes around, but my home is definitely not sparkly clean. Guess what, though. I'm comfortable the way it is.

Spring cleaning is a theoretical concept for me as well, both in my home and my not really existent studio.
Not really existent means that I can take my stuff pretty much anywhere. I'm the Travelling Crafter! ;-)

There you have it.
Now you may wonder why I am telling you all of this if I don't really have anything to tell at all.
Easy. It was time for the Jewelry Artisans Community blog carnival.

Have a look at the other members' posts which are not only much more informative than mine, but also show that my JAC pals are much more organized than I am. My poor grandmother. She wouldn't be very proud of me, I guess. I don't know if "creative mess" would have been in her vocabulary, either .....

Bead Sophisticate
The Crafty Chimp
Jewelry Art by Dawn

Oh, I forgot. No post without a picture. Since I don't have to offer you photos of me organizing my bead stash or my findings, however, have an old picture (2006) of three very relaxed cats (Merlin, Ponder and Greebo).


Carole said...

Being the traveling crafter means you are super-organized, so you don't need to do any spring cleaning :-)

JewelryArtByDawn said...

Think of all the extra time you gain for making beautiful creations because you're not wasting time cleaning - saving all that time sounds like a good Swabian trait!

Cat said...

I'm Super Crafter! Up, up and away!!! *lol*

Cat said...

I'm not sure my grandma would have agreed with you, but I'm grasping for straws, so yes, you are probably right! ;-)