Who are the HeatherCats?

The HeatherCats are a secret project I have been talking about for a while, a project by Heather and Cat.

Heather is a friend of mine, a painter from New Zealand. I met her on deviantART and got to know the Essencestudios. I couldn't even tell you in what group it was, but among her talents Heather has a talent for bright, whimsical paintings, many of which are cats, so how could I not be fascinated the moment I saw the first one?
I really, really wanted one of her paintings for myself, and there was also that little seed of an idea in my head ....

To cut a long story short, I have my painting on the wall

and Heather has a bracelet after one of her other paintings, the Lazy Cat.

That's where it all started.
The HeatherCats are an exclusive line of jewelry bead loomed by yours truly after original paintings of Heather and they are ready to walk out of the shadows now.
Believe me, they are worth watching, both on canvas and in beads.

You will find them on Facebook and you will find them in my Zibbet shop as well where the first of them just made his entrance.
Biskit is a truly happy cat. Who wouldn't like to be able and relax like a cat? In summer, in the garden, on your back, just letting things happening around you.
Biskit was painted after one of Heather's own cats.

Stay tuned because more of them are waiting!


  1. Cat, these are wonderful! I can't wait to see the rest of them.

    1. Thank you! You won't have to wait long! :-D