Quote of the week

There are series that decidedly run for too long (no matter if TV or books or even movies). It feels as if you chew on a gum that has lost its taste two hours ago.
There are on the other hand series that didn't run long enough, in my humble opinion. There's a quite funny discussion about that on IMDB about this for the sitcom I chose for today's quote.

I have been on vacation to the UK a few times. Strangely I have never experienced anything - or anyone - remotely similar at a hotel ;-)
Meet Basil, the "friendly" hotel owner, and his wife Sybil getting reading for a weekend away.

Sybil: Aren't you going to wear that jacket, are you?
Basil: Yes, I am, thank you, dear, yes.
Sybil: Just haven't a clue, have you?
Basil: You wouldn't understand, dear. It's called style.


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