Friday evening

I'm really tired, so let me just show you the latest and I'll be back out like a lightning, ok?

I'm still in love with the combination of color-lined crystal and galvanized seed beads. The optical illusion that makes you think you have a textured 3D piece is stunning, no matter how often I work with it. I'm really happy I stumbled upon this because it's so much fun.
This new slim bracelet is made with galvanized rose gold and yellow-lined crystal beads, such a sunny, yet also earthy combination!
It's available in my Zibbet shop.

Totally different is this necklace which is not listed yet. I'm very tempted to keep it myself, only this light blue is not necessarily my color.
Pure sparkle, I swear. It's definitely droolworthy.

I'm only glad I got my very own "dragon" taking care of the hoard and protecting it! ;-)
Boy, he looks mean in this pic!!


  1. Colorlined plus galvanized seed beads... That is a pretty cool effect! The necklace looks great too - it reminds me of a refreshing tropical cocktail

  2. Thank you, Cindy! I have a bracelet on which the effect is even better than here.