Oh, it's a fluid!

Who would have thought?? ;-)

I went to the crafts shop yesterday to show them my alien. The first salesgirl looked shocked, she said she had never seen anything like this. At least she didn't think it was something I cooked up in my mad scientist's lab. Instead she called her coworker and lucky me, it was the one who sold me the can and remembered (I know, I'm hard to forget).
She didn't even think about not exchanging it for a new can although I had mislaid the receipt, she only worried about how they should get rid of the alien can. Probably they shot it back into space or maybe they called Mulder and Scully, who knows.

Meet - the resin. Fluid, clear, beautiful.

I have two test pieces waiting at the moment which I have no scruples to hide from you if they don't work out. I want to keep at least a tiny bit of my dignity.
If they work out, though, I'll be happy to brag about it and maybe give some of you back your faith for an attempt of your own. Cross your fingers for me!


  1. Good Luck with your new experiment.

  2. waiting, waiting, waiting....I just have no patience.

  3. Hi Cat, I tried to email you but it came back as address unknown.

    I was quite surprised to see the catswire.yahoo.de address, shouldn't it be either yahoo.de or catswire.de?


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