The hammock

I often hear about cats scolding their humans because they spend too much time at the computer.
When I settle down in my armchair, I need to wrap a blanket around my legs. I call it the hammock because usually, as soon as I sit and many times even before I'm really ready, my black panther invades it lying down as if it is one. He stretches out, trusting I won't let him fall, rests his head on my arm (preferrably the right one, on rare occasions he chooses to lie the other way round) and starts purring.
And then the black panther, aka Ponder, turns into a sweet, adorable, harmless, innocent little kitten. The cat going through the house like a rocket on doping gets all snuggly and sleepy. The monster that likes to dig his claws into most delicate spots softly puts his paw on my shoulder.
He can stay there for hours and as the cat slave you already know I am it's hard for me to make him go, even if my legs start hurting, if I'm thirsty or hungry. How could I resist him?
I'm doomed.

On the other hand, what better excuse do you get for long computer sessions? ;-)

P.S. Just now his sister Esme made one of her more rare hammock visits. For your information an "archive picture" .....

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  1. lol.. my cat does the same thing. It truly is too adorable to disrupt for a snack or even to answer the phone. Thanks for the great pictures.